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Fundo Vs. Crypto: A Fifty-Two-Week Analysis

By January 18, 2023August 23rd, 2023No Comments
Fundo investment returns vs other indexes

1. Why Invest in 2023?


Consumers and investors alike are curious about the economy’s direction in 2023. Will the inflation reduce and become bearable again? How will that improve the prices of groceries and other essentials? Are higher mortgage rates in the picture? What if the crypto market remains unreliable? How does Fundo bring a more stable option to the mix?

When 2022 started, the economy suffered from supply chain breakdowns due to the pandemic and consumers not moving their cash out of bank accounts. Hence, prices were sky-high, and consumers across the globe showed frustration over high living costs. However, for a short while, it seemed the economic crisis created by the pandemic was behind us.

All seemed better until a hyperinflation came around and disrupted markets, becoming a headache to consumers and businesses alike. However, with inflation through the roof, investors can step into 2023 with high-interest rates.

1.1 Why is a Fixed Deposit Not the Best Investment?


When it comes to investments, most go for the safest option available. Albeit the safety, fixed deposits generate low returns. Therefore, people should not sacrifice the opportunity of generating high returns because they are hesitant to take risks.

When it comes to people who invest in fixed deposits, they often look over the possibility of facing inflation. When people invest in fixed deposits for the long term, their money gets locked in the investment. However, if an investment hits, they can lose a lot of revenue.

Rising inflation reduces the value of money. You will not get a good return if your money is locked in a fixed deposit at a low-interest rate during inflation. Moreover, this will significantly reduce your purchasing power. Any good investor with a slightly bigger appetite for risks and prefers high returns would consider other investment options.

2. Why is Crypto not reliable right now?


Crypto prices have been going downhill all year. With the crash in the crypto exchange FTX, the numbers collapsed within days. Moreover, crypto investors are anxious and nervous about their investments going into 2023.

Unlike Fundo, crypto has always been volatile. However, the downfall of FTX made the crypto industry so much more unstable and unreliable. FTX is one of the most prominent crypto exchanges, with Binance among the others. Moreover, the crash of FTX also affected the worth of cryptocurrencies themselves.

Given below are some cryptocurrencies that took a severe hit in 2022,

3. How does Fundo Offer Reliable and Stable Investment Options?


Fundo brings you a unique fintech ecosystem through an innovative auction platform. We are Asia’s first and largest auction platform. Our auction platform connects sellers and buyers through an innovative fair-price system and a competitive online bidding mechanism for securities papers.

Our innovative auction platform is built around a unique auction financial platform to deliver fintech products and services facilitated by a robust ecosystem. Fundo excels in providing reliable and stable investment opportunities and maximizing monetary assets for buyers. Our processes are enormously strengthened by a solid yet transparent legal framework maintaining regulatory compliance requirements and clear legal rights to securities papers through Auction Deeds.

Fundo provides its buyers with the following benefits and more:

  • A transparent and secure platform
  • A better profits profile in the market
  • Fair bidding mechanism
  • Most competitive prices in the market
  • Clear legal rights through Auction Deed.

We conducted a thorough 52-week index analysis for a specified investment amount. The study clearly shows that Fundo stands ahead of the other indexes and crypto. Fundo also provided a profit rate of 12%. This rate is above average and outperformed the other indexes and crypto as a top gainer. Moreover, BTC-USD, ETH-USD, and XRP-USD fall far behind the climbing rate of the Fundo investment amount return.

According to the analysis of the original historical data of indexes and cryptocurrencies attached above, Fundo generates a steady and reliable revenue. With Fundo generating a compounding revenue, the return for a specified investment amount is far greater than that of stock indices and cryptocurrencies- Yes, we offer powerful investment options to allow you to generate revenue from both your initial investment and the previous returns!

So why wait? Start your investments of 2023 with Fundo for steady, reliable, and greater returns for your cash!

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